It is challenging for companies in the red to be green
Guido Lena Sustainability Director, Europe-wide business association SMEunited
Given that net zero inherently involves the whole value chain of any business, including its supply chains, we're going to see increased scrutiny on medium-sized enterprises and eventually the smallest ones
Kealy Herman Project Director, WSP USA
It’s paramount that SME owners/managers have an appreciation of sustainability principles, look for the opportunities to cut their CO2 emissions within their operating processes and implement carbon targets
Seng Chuan Tan Treasurer and Executive Board Member, World Federation of Engineering Organizations
The enthusiasm felt by individual SMEs for the green transition depends on the type of business and their activities
Emily Wasley Practice Leader, WSP USA
If we want to be a sustainable company, and make the world more sustainable, our supply chain must be sustainable too
João Pola Chief Executive, Signify, UK and Ireland
Don’t aim for major changes immediately because unless you’re prepared to rebuild your entire company, it won’t be realistic
Emily Wasley Practice Leader, WSP USA

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Emily Wasley
Leader of WSP’s Corporate Climate Risk and Resilience Practice
United States