Predicting the movement of North Atlantic right whales

smartWhales is a federal initiative that explores how satellite data could be used, in conjunction with other information, to help monitor and detect the presence of North Atlantic right whales and predict their movement.

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Water at heart of long-term urban sustainability

A water-led approach that treats waterways as an asset to be enhanced, rather than an issue to be dealt with, is central to creating resilient and future-focused communities

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Working with nature to restore wetlands and waterways

Improving the habitat and biodiversity value of damaged waterways requires a collaborative approach and solutions that mimic natural processes 


Coastal flooding: Let's start planning for the long-term

Planning for long-term adaptation to rising sea levels requires engagement with the people most directly affected by it

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Tomorrow’s trends reshaping the future of water

Changes to climate, technology and demographics are expected to reshape how we consume water 

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The worldwide water web depends on natural storage

Natural storage plays a critical role in addressing water scarcity and providing a sustainable water supply worldwide

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engineering matters thn

Protecting England’s most flooded town

Episode 1 of our Engineering Matters podcast explores how we’re helping to protect a picturesque and historic fishing harbour in Cornwall from sea level rise. 

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The critical role of surface water in urban revitalization

To create more livable, walkable and resilient urban centers, we collaborate with city leaders to improve and protect their water assets

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Dead Run restoration gives new life to Chesapeake Waterway

A Maryland stream, once a high-risk contributor to damaging the water quality of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, now serves as a template for water protection and restoration