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We believe that the best foundation for success is to build on what’s already there. We work with local communities to create opportunities for growth, employment and personal development, while conserving what makes them special.


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Creating Conditions for Thriving Communities

Linking economic and societal outcomes for sustained positive change.

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Nature As The Path To Prosperity

A report on the economics of biodiversity highlights the need to rethink how we define and measure value, explains Jenny Merriman, Associate Director and Natural Capital lead for WSP UK’s Ecology team.

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Net Zero: Can We Have Winners Without Losers?

The transition to a zero-carbon society will only succeed if we recognize the impacts on different sectors of society, and ensure that no one is left behind.

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Costing The Chasm

What you don’t know could cost you. How could research-based insights about the cost of future trends save you significant investment tomorrow? Learn how WSP Smart™ can help you deliver forward-thinking, cost-effective projects.

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The Future of Town Centres

With our town centres in decline, how can we rejuvenate them and make them sustainable, healthy places for local communities to enjoy once more?

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Embracing Indigenous Cultures to Address Infrastructure Needs

Inclusivity advances widespread positive impact.

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