Tunnel Protects Chicago Neighborhood from Flooding

A Chicago storm water diversion tunnel designed to correct a chronic flooding problem that has plagued the city’s Albany Park neighborhood over the past decade has been recognized for its effectiveness and ingenuity.

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The Albany Park Storm Water Tunnel is providing relief for a Chicago community that has been decimated by regular flooding over the past decade.

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WSP served as construction manager for the project, working on behalf of the Chicago Department of Transportation. Construction began in 2016. 


Sonny Jaramilla from WSP (left) discusses the plans for the Albany Park tunnel with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (right) during a construction site tour in April 2017. The mayor returned for the July 24 grand opening ceremony.

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A comprehensive communication plan ensured that the construction team and community partners could proactively resolve potential impacts from construction operations and align efforts with the best interests of the community.