You could take the view that it is the fortunate classes breathing cleaner air who have the luxury of focusing on climate change regulation
Lisa Ramsay WSP South Africa
imgAarhus Denmark

The Iceberg apartment complex in Aarhus, Denmark, by JDS Architects, CEBRA, SeARCH and Louis Paillard. Photo by Mikkel Frost

There are always going to be cities that find it tougher than others, because of their particular infrastructure or atmospheric conditions
Alice Lovegrove WSP USA
img-The Palacio de Congresos Europa in Vitoria-Gasteiz

The Palacio de Congresos Europa in Vitoria-Gasteiz, northern Spain. A green belt of parks and natural areas around the city centre has contributed to a sharp fall in levels of air pollution. Photo by Marek Stepan/Alamy Stock Photo