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Leading by example, WSP has set firm ESG commitments for itself and offers guidance and planning to clients, leading the path forward to achieve a sustainable, equitable and prosperous future for all.

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Digital Solutions

As business imperatives change, technological capabilities accelerate and customer expectations grow, we need to look beyond traditional ways of working to drive business outcomes.

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Future Ready®

We see the future more clearly, plan for the unexpected, and develop forward-thinking solutions for the future of cities and communities.

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The ‘G’ In ESG: Exploring Corporate Governance in The Face of Existential Change

The ‘E’ and ‘S’ in ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) have had no shortage of attention following the COVID-19 pandemic and the rate at which the global climate crisis continues to heat up.

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In the future, can hospitals heal both people and places?

Remy Levastre explores the exciting possibilities of future hospitals

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Smart Infrastructure Boosts Asset Management

Let’s build a world where digitally enhanced infrastructure enables informed decisions and reduces risk.

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Shaping Tomorrow’s Resilient Cities Starts Now

The world’s cities are facing immense pressure to become socially, economically, and environmentally resilient.

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Are ESG Strategies Just Sustainability Strategies Rebranded?

Paul Stanley explores the changing perceptions of sustainability

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Supporting decision-makers with a web-based system dynamics tool

Check out what future sustainable food sources will look like
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Digital Transformation: Harness technology as an enabler, not an objective

Discover the future of digital transformation
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Net-Zero 2050: Preparing for the Middle East’s ‘Moment of Truth’

May Faraj looks at how the Middle East is preparing for a Net Zero future...


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