Protecting the Nutashkuan Innu First Nation Community Throughout Flood Events

Localized groundwater solution in Canada safeguards residents situated remotely along the St. Lawrence River

img-Google Earth - Nutashquan River delta

Figure 1 – Google Earth image showing the Nutashquan River delta in the St. Lawrence River where the community resides. 

img-Outfall of the drainage system

Figure 2 - Outfall of the drainage system (summer time)

img-Groundwater table conveyance system

Figure 3 - Groundwater table conveyance system with geotextile grid installed underneath

Water table comparison

Figure 5 – The chart shows the water table elevation in the Natashkuan Innu First Nation community from 2018 through 2020, the first year after completion of the lowering of the groundwater table (in December 2019). A major thaw and heavy rain occurred in the spring of 2017.