Ramona Gardens Natural Park, Los Angeles, USA

Ramona Gardens is in the top 1% of the most polluted communities in California. Residents suffer disproportionately high levels of respiratory diseases, with children suffering from asthma at twice the state average.  

Our community and youth-led efforts to address environmental justice were strengthened by partnering with WSP because it provided the community with the data and analysis needed to advance efforts to develop an innovative solution to address pollution and improve overall public health
Lou Calanche Executive Director, Legacy LA
Building on our technical findings, we helped empower the residents of Ramona Gardens to advocate for their community by arming them with science-based research and compelling communications assets
Tim Kidman Practice Leader, Sustainability, Energy and Climate Change, WSP in the USA
By gathering and analyzing a vast quantity of local air quality data, we detailed how a biodiverse park would serve to ‘clean’ the air of pollutants and directly improve health outcomes for people living in Ramona Gardens
Edward Tadross Director - Environmental Planner, WSP in the USA