One of the largest restoration projects ever undertaken in New Zealand has been recognised by the prestigious American Railway Engineering and Maintenance of Way Association.

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Kaikoura emergency recovery response

Over the Kaikoura coast, scores of significant landslides inundated both road and rail infrastructure, with fault ruptures and ground displacements adding to the damage. Road and rail term consultants worked in alliance, recruiting additional engineering resource to meet the high workload demands.

By the start of 2017, a design and build consortium, known as the North Canterbury Transport Infrastructure Recover (NCTIR) had been formed.  The knowledge retention due to a relatively short period of time between events enabled the Kaikoura recovery to proceed at an accelerated pace. The critical 25km of coastal transportation corridor remain on track for re-opening. A key factor of this recent success is the serendipitous occurrence of two significant natural disasters in a very short period of time and within a relatively localised geographic.