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Our teams embed social, physical and digital connectivity to broaden horizons whilst boosting mobility, health and cohesion. We design happy, safe and sustainable ways to get around, and future-ready technology solutions to support greater choice and independence.

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Active travel: The overnight cycle city

Road closures and pop-up cycle lanes were a common aspect of the Covid-19 response across the UK. But few cities were as well placed as Exeter to act quickly, for the long term — and without upsetting too many local residents.

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Active travel: The park that became an island

Like many US inner cities, West Baltimore has been blighted by car-centric planning and historic disinvestment. Now, its transportation planners want to right past wrongs by turning an eight-lane expressway into a ‘Complete Street’.

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Micromobility - Has COVID-19 unleashed its potential?

COVID-19 gives micromobility another stage to showcase its potential.

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Creating Safe Road Ecosystems

This article explores the contribution of the physical space to the safe design and use of road transport systems.

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Cultivating Sustainable Transport Systems

Big cities and smaller communities have a lot to think about when it comes to providing transport for diverse users, both now and into the future.

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New Mobility

Connectivity, automation, sharing and electric propulsion are enabling seismic change across all aspects of mobility – from the way we commute to how we plan and develop infrastructure for the cities of today and the future.

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Accounting for human decision making in transport choice?

WSP Transport Planning Director Adrian Hames and Head of Future Mobility Giles Perkins explore how the England's Economic Heartland's newly published transport strategy innovates through its approach to understanding the human decisions driving transport choice.

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Vision Zero

Vision Zero is a concept that embraces a transformative mindset and approach to making all roads safe. Vision Zero refuses to accept that fatalities and serious injuries are inevitable consequences of mobility on the world’s roads.



Leading the Charge on Canadian E-bike Integration

What if we can harness the emerging role of e-bikes to address key mobility gaps within our transportation network? In WSP’s latest white paper, discover how e-bikes and other forms of micromobility, such as e-scooters can help address the “missing middle” of transportation.



Intelligent Transport Systems Enable the Decarbonization of Road Transportation

A whole-system approach to achieve net zero ambitions.



Future Ready Kerbside: Creating Places That Put People First

Uber and WSP have partnered to release a new white paper – Future Ready Kerbside – which examines what we need to do today to ensure our kerbsides and streetscapes enable the places people want now and into the future.


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Let’s think differently about rural mobility

The 30-minute rural community.