Because of what we know about COVID, we have to revisit everything we do in a hospital, and every interaction we have. It changes the whole way you look at the world
Professor John Clarkson Director, Engineering Design Centre, University of Cambridge
We need better designed workflows through hospitals and better ventilation, so that these areas can be as safe as possible
Peter Aspinall Principal occupational hygienist, WSP, Brisbane
Our clients are starting to look at how they can get a patient who presents at an emergency department to an exam room and to a patient bed with the lowest amount of risk
Kevin Chow Senior associate and healthcare specialist, WSP, Dallas
In Singapore, hospital design has evolved in quite a significant way since the SARS outbreak. When COVID-19 hit, the systems were already in place, and hospitals were mostly considered pretty well-equipped to tackle it
Lionel Neo Healthcare specialist, WSP, Singapore
Isolation rooms became extremely important during COVID, but we just didn’t have enough because we hardly ever needed to use them – a typical 100-bed hospital might have four
Gary Hamilton HVAC specialist and healthcare practice leader, WSP, Washington DC