Port Lands Flood Protection

The Port Lands Flood Protection project will re-naturalize the Don Valley River and realign Cherry Street to safeguard Downtown Toronto from increasing risks of flood and help spur economic growth and strengthen biodiversity.

Remote real-time monitoring and alert system developed and implemented to mitigate environmental impact
24/7 24/7
City’s waterfront investigated to confer flood protection program
125 ha 125 ha
m³ of contaminated soil removed and remediated
1 000 000 1 000 000

Climate-positive design

Toronto’s Waterfront is set to epitomize sustainability, resilience and innovation with its future-ready designs that account for evolving climate change impacts, positioning the City as a climate leader and champion of innovation.

Strengthened biodiversity

The PLFP will deliver an enhanced environment for Toronto’s residents and wildlife that habituates the Waterfront. Further, it will promote the return of different aquatic species. 

Job creation

The Port Lands Flood Protection project will bring added flood protection and render a safer environment for residents and neighbourhoods of Downtown Toronto and allow for economic developments and increased job opportunities in Toronto.

* All rendering images courtesy of Waterfront Toronto.