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Leading by example, WSP has set firm ESG commitments for itself and offers guidance and planning to clients, leading the path forward to achieve a sustainable, equitable and prosperous future for all.

Digital Solutions

As business imperatives change, technological capabilities accelerate and customer expectations grow, we need to look beyond traditional ways of working to drive business outcomes.

Future Ready®

We see the future more clearly, plan for the unexpected, and develop forward-thinking solutions for the future of cities and communities.

From Data To Decisions

A case study on how asking the right questions helped a port transform their use of asset data
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Business Transformation in an Era of Disruption

Logan Water case study for driving business transformation and change in times of significant disruption
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Making Decisions Easier

Real Examples of a Digital Asset Management Culture
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Harnessing Data for Water Utilities, So What?

Taking asset management to a new level to ensure smooth operations, using Orbi INSIGHT.

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Planning for Australia’s future transport starts today

As state transport authorities commence a slew of major infrastructure programs across Australia, the need for quality integrated transport planning that builds stronger and better connected communities has never been higher.

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Smart Infrastructure Boosts Asset Management

Let’s build a world where digitally enhanced infrastructure enables informed decisions and reduces risk.

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Improving Governance In Infrastructure Projects to Accelerate Decision-Making

How the SI:D³ systems approach fosters delivery of intended benefits

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Municipal Asset Management Program: Funding for Canadian Municipalities

Strategic asset management is the foundation for asset resiliency and providing sustainable services.

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Supporting decision-makers with a web-based system dynamics tool

Managing the complexity of new mobility technologies and systems
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Streets that support life - The Helsinki experience

Why the city of Helsinki has chosen boulevards
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Slow Data in the Age of the Smart City

Smart and connected technologies embedded across city infrastructures can help monitor, anticipate and manage urban issues in new and effective ways.
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Why there is no such thing as maintenance backlog

Challenging the legacy paradigm of ‘maintenance backlog’ in the public sector and proposing a methodology in line with modern asset management standards.
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