Healthcare is important, but it’s only 10% of health. Health is about your relationships, your context, your environment, about being everything you could be
Lord Nigel Crisp Former Chief Executive, NHS
The way we invest right now means that our most vulnerable populations are the least healthy because they are further away from parks, transit and active transport corridors, and that puts a further load on the healthcare system
Anna Robak Research and Innovation Manager, WSP in Canada
What COVID has taught us is that there is a willingness to change behaviour, but also what we can accomplish when behaviour does change
Rasmus Duong-Grunnet, Director, Gehl
Rather than someone driving to drop their child off at nursery, then driving to work on the other side of town, then to the supermarket and back to the nursery, they might just be able to travel to the local hub to do everything they need and travel to work from there
John Bradburn Associate, WSP UK
If we’ve learned anything from the last 12 months, it’s that our built environment needs to be more inclusive and reflect the world in which we live
Michael Tyrpenou Principal of Social Strategy and Design, WSP in Australia