Bringing Power to the People

We live in a connected world, and how we produce, process, distribute, store and use energy has become one of the greatest challenges of our time. 

Is Bifacial PV Technology at a Tipping Point?

This technical briefing note explains why bifacial modules, which produce power from both the front and rear surface, are moving closer to the tipping point of commercial viability in solar projects.

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Meeting our Electricity Needs with Solar Power

Technology is evolving fast. New systems that harness power from the sun are transforming the way we address the ever-growing demand for energy. 

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Top Cities in Power Generation and Distribution

In our WSP Global Cities Index, power is considered a high-risk area as it requires government alignment, buy-in from industry, well-articulated policy and achievable targets. Here are the top cities.
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Why the Upsurge in Microgrid Development?

Microgrids represent the next stage toward electrification; a way to reach into the far corners where the big grids cannot go, and to make electric service more reliable, clean and less costly.

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Energy Efficiency: The New Urban Challenge

Cities around the world have not had much time to adapt to the fast-changing environment. As they grow, cities have had to contend with new realities to bring power to their people.

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Power Interconnectivity is key for emerging nations

Transmission and distribution networks are key to connecting communities from different regions and countries, and grid interconnectors are essential to any power pooling initiative.

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Robben Island Solar Microgrid

The objective of the National Department of Tourism of South Africa was to reduce Robben Island’s reliance on diesel generators as a power source. 

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Wind Farming Takes Off in the U.S.

Change is in the air for renewable energy in the U.S. as a new approach to wind energy is set to arrive off the East Coast. 

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Kalahari Solar Power Project

There’s certainly no shortage of sunshine in the Kalahari Desert but, until now, there had been no way of actually using it to support the development of South Africa’s Northern Cape region.

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