Time For Timber

Timber has been used as a building material for thousands of years. Thanks to its sustainability benefits, the speed of construction through off-site manufacture, and the growing evidence of the benefits to the well-being of occupants, timber is currently experiencing a renaissance in the building industry.

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Driven by ambitious and visionary projects, timber construction is being developed into new and exciting possibilities.
William Johnston senior director and leader of the timber network

Carbon friendly

Timber is renewable, recyclable, biodegradable and waste efficient.


Timber buildings support the health and wellbeing of people in homes, offices, schools and in healthcare.


Offsite manufacturing permit more complicated designs and factory production means enhanced quality control and assurance

Case studies

The Best Of All Worlds: A Hybrid Approach To Mass Timber

Being smart about the way we incorporate mass timber products into buildings enables us to make the most of all their advantages.

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Tall Timber: How High Can Clt Go?

Timber could be an alternative to concrete when building high. It is lighter, and it also speeds up the construction time.

Back To Wood In The Cities Of The Future

Incorporating more wood into construction is about building a more sustainable future.

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Vertical Timber Extensions On Existing Building

In this podcast, Emma Russel from WSP, shares insights on 55 Southbank Boulevard, in Melbourne.

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A Sustainable Timber Footbridge For An Historic Environment

Our experts explore the path to create a design solution on a highly sensitive site with numerous conflicting demands.

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Is CLT The Answer For Seismic Zones?

New-generation timber-framed buildings have properties that make them ideal for surviving earthquakes.

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