Improving safety and resilience for erosion-affected communities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

With erosion in the Kananga area causing large gullies that threaten local infrastructure and pose a risk to communities, we helped the UN design suitable solutions for local contractors to build.

contractor workshop
2-week 2-week
erosion gullies
8 8
of gabions will be used
>7000m³ >7000m³
of soil needs to be stabilised by grassing
>80ha >80ha
US$10 million US$10 million

We used best practice design codes for the communities in DRC, using Eurocode in this case, but adapting to the developing environment. The challenge is that these Codes often require materials that aren’t available to contractors in Africa. Combined with the need to be cost-effective, this meant we had to think very carefully about the materials in our design.
Dawood Chafeker Associate, WSP