We may be getting more people to come into the office, but we are not necessarily creating a better workplace for them
Diane Hoskins co-CEO, Gensler
Being able to move around and have a different outlook or ergonomic situation or connection to the life of the office, that really changes the quality of the workspace
Ron Bakker founding director, PLP Architecture
I think we have to fight the urge to put up walls and barriers and dividers. Loads of us are desperate to get back to the office because we thrive on the social interaction, but if there are 10 people there instead of 50 and you can’t even see them, we’re not getting what we need
Heather Smith national director of business development, Architecture49
Young graduates are often motivated by a really cool workplace because it becomes like an extension of their own personal brand
Carolyn Solley senior associate, Hassell
We have devices that mean we’re at our jobs nearly 24/7, so it’s only fair that the home should be allowed to infiltrate the workplace
William Johnston structural engineer and senior director, WSP Canada
The typical office will shift to become more like a coworking space, where we’re more conscious of opportunities to collaborate with other people
Seiko Kurokawa designer, WSP in New Zealand