This is going to push us further towards technology adoption that people have been wanting for a long time
Natalie Engels technology leader, Gensler
You could use the app on your phone to call the elevator, and it could send you a note to let you know where there’s a free seat so you know which way to turn when you reach your floor
Jaco Cronje Internet-of-Things solution architect, WSP USA
Maybe the more data you are willing to share, the more the smart building management system takes care of you
Oliver Larsson telecoms director, WSP Sweden
We can build a robust network infrastructure in such a way that building owners can easily add apps to the set of services they offer their tenants
Lucy Casacia vice president, smart solutions, WSP Canada
It has always been very hard to quantify the business benefit of the user experience. But if it’s done well, people won’t want to give it up
Roneel Singh smart technology specialist, WSP Australia