Big data has actually played very little part in our response to COVID, partly because this isn’t an area where enough has been accumulated. What this has actually reflected is how far we are from having a connected world
Michael Pietrzkiewicz Electronics Engineering Technologist, WSP in Canada
Smart projects fail because they don’t get to the heart of the way that humans do things
John Wall Principal Technical Advisor, Metro North Hospital and Health Service in Brisbane
Autonomous guided vehicles can be used to transport food and medicine, so hospital staff don’t need to go into the ward
Thomas Chan Executive Director of Building MEP, WSP in China
If several nurses call in sick, the rostering and facilities systems could together work out whether some beds should be closed down or how staff could be rotated
Roneel Singh Director of Technology Systems, WSP in Australia
The smart technology is the icing on the cake and it will only be resilient if every single layer in the technology stack is in good working order. A digital hospital is only as good as its connectivity
Barbara MacKenzie Chief Technology Officer, Healthscope