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From Silos to Integration

Airports around the world have embarked on the demanding journey of digital transformation. Digital transformation supports a more connected airport system, optimization of airport processes and the connectivity of passengers. Not least, it forges a path for big-data solutions to help airlines, airports and airport managers gain insights into passenger flow, reduce costs and enhance non-aeronautical revenue streams. 

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Positioning Edmonton International Airport for the Future

Preparing airports for future growth requires a holistic approach. A perspective that considers the organization as an interconnected whole will help drive synergy between business areas and enable each airport to reach its full operational potential. Edmonton International Airport (EIA) is taking a holistic approach to progress toward its ambitious long-term goal—to drive the region's economic prosperity through both aviation and commercial development.

New Mobility Pilots Future Aviation

The Aviation Addendum to the New Mobility Now report offers a look at the changing world of aviation in light of developments related to the automated, connected, electric and shared aspects of New Mobility.

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