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Human health is inextricably linked with the health of our planet. Our teams are developing net-zero carbon, nature-based solutions to manage resources, restore ecosystems, preserve biodiversity and enhance habitats – for wildlife and for people.

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Making space for nature in cities

Can we afford to make space for nature in our ever more crowded cities? Faced with overheating, flooding, pollution and the threat of total ecosystem collapse, can we afford not to?

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Transitioning to Zero Emission technology

A guide to ensuring a smooth transition towards future-ready vehicles

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Nature as the path to prosperity

A report on the economics of biodiversity highlights the need to rethink how we define and measure value, explains Jenny Merriman, Associate Director and Natural Capital lead for WSP UK’s Ecology team

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WSP supports Natural England to create new Biodiversity Net Gain toolkit for developers

Developers in England will soon be required to quantify and mitigate the biodiversity impact of their projects.

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UK public ready for behaviour change to protect the environment

‘Nature Positive?’ report outlines the UK public’s attitude towards protecting and enhancing the environment.

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Extinction contradiction - Why climate action is not always good for biodiversity

Our net-zero commitments should bring wider ecological benefits, but if we’re not careful they might exacerbate another global crisis

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