WSP is one of the world’s first companies to be approved as a WELL Performance Testing Organisation. We are now authorised to provide independent, third-party verification for building projects pursuing WELL certification in support of human health, productivity, well-being and comfort.


Eminent, Sweden

It is absolutely fantastic that WSP has the in-house capability of being a Performance Testing Organisation. This gives us inside knowledge on the testing processes and procedures that must be followed for WELL certification, and combined with our WELL AP expertise, offers our clients a world-class health and wellbeing consultancy service which closes the loop between design, construction and operations of healthy buildings. I have already made use of Hans’ knowledge to ensure I am communicating the application of the testing criteria correctly to our UK Clients!
Laura Mayne Associate, WSP UK
When it comes to health and wellness for some of our new commercial building projects, we see that our clients are seeking to implement fundamental base building features, systems and services for the benefit of their clients – i.e. their tenants. In other words, we can help in the creation of new buildings that are “wellness-ready” to support their tenants’ pursuit of WELL certification for their own space, should they so choose.
Mark Bessoudo Manager, Research, WSP Canada
The growing demand for performance testing from our clients and synergies between certifications is a clear indication that the future of our work is tied to performance testing expertise.
Mohammad Abbasi Building Performance Analyst