WSP and kW MCE: Matching Global Reach with the United States’ Leading Mission Critical Engineering Practice

Aligned with WSP’s 2019-2021 Global Strategic Plan, combining kW’s mission critical expertise and 175 employees with WSP’s global footprint means we can now offer best-in-class mission critical engineering services to our clients throughout the US and worldwide. In addition, joining with kW expands WSP’s reach to new locations in the US, including Troy, NY and Milwaukee, WI, while strengthening the firm’s presence in Atlanta, GA and Phoenix, AZ.


kW MCE is leading the U.S. in data center engineering for colocation and hyperscale clients. From multiple-building data center campus master planning to multi-story, 70+ megawatt facilities, kW MCE supports colo providers and their tenants by leveraging experience to enhance competitive advantage, as well as reducing construction cost and duration. The firm has designed more than 40 greenfield data centers over the last two years for a variety of data center clients, utilizing in-house expertise and their clients’ experiences to masterplan and deliver custom solutions. When the mission is hyperscale, kW MCE collaborates with many of the largest global cloud providers to align components and systems to various clients’ standards and in turn drives down cost while simplifying delivery.

kW MCE also excels at providing valuable consulting to enterprise clients – explaining the advantages and disadvantages of everything data center and assisting in weighing the pros and cons of infrastructure decisions. When designing and building new is not a cost-effective solution, kW taps into decades of expertise in renovation, capacity expansion, electrical studies and more to provide clients with upgrades in live data center environments with no unscheduled downtime.