Mike Warren

Senior Director, Road Usage Charge Management and Strategy Consulting
United States

For over the past decade, Mike has led the development and implementation of Road Usage Charging (RUC) concepts throughout the U.S., starting as the project manager for the initial Oregon RUC Pilot Project, and then as the lead consultant and project manager helping the Oregon Department of Transportation launch the OReGO program – the nation’s first legislatively-mandated RUC program. He has continued to develop RUC concepts and launch pilot projects for California, Colorado, Minnesota, Wyoming and the RUC America multi-state coalition.

Mike currently leads the California Road Charge Public Private Roads Pilot. Under this pilot, 500 California rural and tribal motorists will demonstrate the ability of current GPS technology to differentiate when a car is driving on a public versus a private road, while protecting the user’s privacy. Additionally, 50 customers of California’s Transportation Corridors Agency tolling system will also demonstrate how RUC can integrate with an existing tolling platform. This is a first-of-its-kind project as it demonstrates how RUC may affect California’s diverse rural counties and its 109 federally recognized tribes.