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Being part of a community isn’t just about living in the same place. We focus on facilitating interactions between people, to combat social isolation and enable everyone to participate in shaping their neighborhood.


Designing loneliness out of the built environment

Humans crave interaction and belonging — yet many of the built environments we’ve created are failing to meet these needs

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Can Design Make Cities More Equitable?

There are many ways in which the built environment not only reflects but reinforces social inequity. Does the way we plan and design cities need to change?


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Designing inclusively: Fixing the gender data gap

What is the gender gap and why is it important? WSP has released a report on designing inclusively in the built environment and how the gender data gap affects the design and advice we provide at WSP.

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Five Ways to Understand Social Sustainability

It’s often misinterpreted or dismissed as intangible — but there’s nothing fluffy about it, says Helena Klintström

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Embracing Indigenous Cultures to Address Infrastructure Needs

Inclusivity advances widespread positive impact.

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Designing the Built Environment Through a Wider Lens

Approaches to recover from shocks and thrive in better times

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