This is the perfect opportunity to multi-solve and to address, concurrently, health issues, economic recovery, equality and our carbon reduction targets
Julia Langer CEO, The Atmospheric Fund
There’s a real desire to use the downside from COVID-19 as an upside to drive fundamental change
David Symons Director of sustainability, WSP UK
We must be careful not to miss key opportunities to rethink our built environment, to strive for a transformational shift to carbon-positive communities
Dr Rowan Dixon Principal specialist in sustainability and resilience, WSP New Zealand
The strong drive to cut carbon emissions among state governments and the private sector is not currently matched at a Federal Government level [in Australia], but the pandemic gives those advocating for a national net zero approach a lever to change the discourse
Kieran Power National lead – resilience and climate change, WSP Australia
The textile and apparel industry is a perfect example of a sector that has been frozen due to Coronavirus, but once the pandemic passes or there is a vaccine, they will be very aggressive on the carbon front
Michael Mondshine Director of sustainability, energy and climate change, WSP in the US
We need 10% year on year for the next decade if we’re to hope to achieve net zero by 2050
Charles Haine Technical director, environmental, WSP UK