WSP Wins Largest Indefinite Delivery Contract for USACE-Europe

The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has selected WSP to provide general architect-engineering (A-E) services for its European military facilities.

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As part of a five-year indefinite delivery contract (IDC) for the USACE, WSP will provide military design work for various projects—including preparation of design-bid-build and design-build packages—in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Belgium and the Netherlands. In addition, WSP will perform programming and planning work, post construction award services, and building commissioning.

“This is the largest IDC ever for the USACE-Europe District,” said Charles Smith, program manager for this contract based in WSP’s Virginia Beach office. “It is anticipated that five awards will be made by the USACE under this contract, with a combined capacity of $248 million over the next 5 years.”

The design work will include major and minor new construction projects, as well as alteration, repair or rehabilitation of various structures.

Potential projects covered under the contract include airfields, railways, bulk fuel storage and petroleum, oil and lubricant facilities, munitions/ammunition and explosives storage, barracks, multi-family and single-family housing units, utility systems, medical facilities, administrative buildings, vehicle maintenance facilities, operation facilities and training complexes, operations/intelligence centers, military ranges and other U.S. military facilities.

“Our firm is ready to provide U.S. overseas military personnel with services necessary to help them achieve their objectives in this region,” Smith said. “With our enormous geographical presence, WSP is everywhere that the USACE needs us to be in Europe.”

Support may also include planning services such as comprehensive master plans, installation real property master planning, infrastructure assessments, planning and design charrettes, CAD/GIS mapping, systems analysis of existing facilities and infrastructure and cost estimates.

Sustainable Design

The A-E services provided under this contract are required for construction projects throughout this five-country region. Each task issued under the contract will require thorough integration of the host nation, NATO and U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) design criteria, as well as compliance with local, country and U.S. environmental requirements and permitting.

“These tasks will challenge our delivery capabilities and require close communications between the DOD technical experts in WSP USA, Louis Berger and our overseas operating companies in Europe,” Smith said.

He anticipates a large tasking in Poland in support of the European Reassurance Initiative (ERI), a U.S. initiative to implement multi-billion-dollar capital improvements at military facilities in Eastern Europe under the management of the USACE Europe District.

Architect-engineer services may be required for developing design documents for a design-bid-build project, or request-for-proposal packages for design/build projects. Projects may involve security upgrades; feasibility studies that include cost estimating, energy conservation, fire protection and environmental assessments; safety coordination, and construction supervision and inspection.

“Sustainable design is also critical to the USACE projects and use an integrated design approach that emphasizes environmental stewardship,” Smith said. “The designs will factor in the development of healthy, safe and productive work environments.”

The firm will ensure consideration is given to energy and water conservation and efficiency, use of recovered and recycled materials, waste reduction, reduction or elimination of toxic and harmful substances in facilities construction and operation, and efficiency in resource and materials utilization.

European Presence

This represents the first of many successful efforts that will result from collaboration with Louis Berger, the international professional services firm acquired by WSP in December.

“A joint team of WSP USA and Louis Berger personnel created the latest proposal that led to our selection for this contract by USACE,” Smith said. “The brilliant acquisition of Louis Berger expands WSP’s capabilities to the benefit of the client.

The USACE contract will run in parallel with other IDC’s being performed by WSP USA and Louis Berger in Europe.

In 2017, USACE Europe District selected WSP USA as its consultant to lead multiple architecture-engineering projects at military facilities in Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria, which potentially includes nine to 12 U.S. military bases in the region.

Under that indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract, WSP is responsible for planning, design and construction administration work involving major and minor new construction, as well as alteration, repair or rehabilitation of various eastern European military facilities. This agreement is also part of the ERI program.

“We have similar contracts in other countries for the USACE including IDC’s in Korea and Japan,” Smith said. “We also have IDC’s around the United States in Virginia, Alabama, California, Washington and Texas, to name a few.”

Working with Smith for WSP on the European side of the new IDC is Petr Kurka, deputy program manager, in the firm’s Zug, Switzerland office.

“Many of the tasks will be led by WSP USA and Louis Berger personnel, and a large amount of the technical expertise will be sourced from offices across the WSP USA geography,” Smith added.

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Corps Support

For nearly half a century, the USACE Europe District has provided installation and contingency support to U.S. armed forces throughout the U.S. European Command, and more recently U.S. Africa Command's areas of responsibility.

Headquartered in Wiesbaden, Germany, with roughly 400 employees, the district covers Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Israel, and throughout most of the African continent.

In recent years, the Europe District has completed more than a billion dollars in projects for numerous partners, including U.S. Army and Air Force family housing units, forward operating sites in Eastern Europe, humanitarian assistance in Africa and training and operations facilities.

“Each project supported the stationing requirements for U.S. military partners in Europe and improved the quality of life for military personnel and their families,.” Smith said. “We are honored that the USACE continues to trust the services of WSP, ensuring that U.S. military families are provided with the high level of housing and facilities they deserve.”

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