Can Design Make Cities More Equitable?

There are many ways in which the built environment not only reflects but reinforces social inequity. Does the way we plan and design cities need to change?

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Future Ready Kerbside: Creating Places That Put People First

This new white paper examines what we need to do today to ensure our kerbsides enable the places people want now and into the future.

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How Can We Create A Positive Legacy For Health And Wellbeing?

The pandemic has given a stark illustration of how the built environment affects our health, but also shows the potential for change

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New Research into Pandemic Loneliness Sheds Light on the Vulnerable

WSP and The Helen Clark Foundation have released an update to the ground-breaking 2020 report Alone Together that looked at the impact of loneliness on the people and communities of Aotearoa (New Zealand).

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People Not Cars at the Heart of Communities

How low-traffic areas in Aotearoa’s cities can decarbonise transport, save lives, and create the connected urban communities we need in a post-pandemic future.

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Five Ways to Understand Social Sustainability

Social sustainability is often misinterpreted or dismissed as intangible — but there’s nothing fluffy about it, says Helena Klintström.

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Herbal Remedy: Making Space For Nature In Cities

Can we afford to make space for nature in our ever more crowded cities? Can we afford not to?  

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Rethinking Urban Planning in a Post COVID World

Is COVID-19 pushing urban planners to think aloud about redesigning more resilient cities?

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Embracing Indigenous Cultures to Address Infrastructure Needs

Douglas Yahn, Indigenous Relations Lead, explores how perspectives from Indigenous peoples can enhance infrastructure projects and the communities they support.

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The Key to Creating Social Value is Leaving a Tangible, Outcome-Focused Legacy

A new public sector procurement model focussed on evaluating social value is an opportunity to make a lasting difference for local communities.

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