The infusion of technology into modern railways has introduced a complexity that requires new techniques in delivery.  Management of technically rich projects themselves require a structured System Engineering approach to controlling the engineering aspects.  However it is not just the infusion of technology that makes these projects challenging; there are other elements like the management of logistics, multiple stakeholders, safety and operational demands that add to the challenge.  A combination of System Engineering and Programme Management Techniques is proposed to bring order into managing the delivery.

The ultimate output capability of the project must first be established; the scope is then broken down technically, operationally, contractually and programmatically, and then re-assembled around common goals covering disciplines and stakeholders.  The programme schedule is established, stages of delivery are identified by key delivery points which are then defined by their physical, functional, performance and operational characteristics.  A graphical representation helps to give a clear understanding of the delivery strategy.  This is then used to communicate the plan and to monitor progress.  The process has been employed extensively in the UK, mainland Europe and the Middle East.