Pasminco Cockle Creek

The remediation and redevelopment of this site included the management of a myriad of issues including threatened flora and fauna, major soil and groundwater contamination, mining leases and mine subsidence and industrial archaeology.


  • New South Wales, Australia


  • Pasminco Cockle Creek Smelter

Project Status

  • Completed

Demolishing a lead and zinc smelter and removing more than a century’s worth of heavy industrial contamination from a 190ha site to pave the way for residential and business developments. The site is one of Australia’s largest demolition projects. 

Since late 2003, WSP has developed and managed bespoke planning and remediation strategies, carrying out extensive site assessments and managing a diverse team of more than 80 specialist consultants, both internal and external.

The project involved a great deal of stakeholder consultation, from the highest levels of government to the residents of 2,000 homes surrounding the site. Technical challenges included capturing and treating contaminated groundwater on site.

WSP had virtually no complaints from the community with regard to site activities throughout the first six years that they were working here. As the remediation of the site is nearing completion the community is becoming more involved in planning and other non-site issues.

190 HA 190 HA
Tons of material removed
2,000,000 2,000,000


Remediation across the whole site will be completed in late 2012, but redevelopment and sales of some parts have already been completed.

WSP managed the removal of 2 million tons of contaminated material.