We understand the challenges that our clients are facing in the fast-paced telecommunications industry and provide tailored engineering solutions that meet even the most demanding clients’ needs.

Telecommunication companies are challenged by constantly growing customer expectations regarding high-quality, ultramodern and reliable communication services, which include high demand for mobile data. In order to provide outstanding services both to individuals and business customers, telecoms are making major investments in infrastructure that can bring higher revenues.

Cost-effective Solutions for Improved Performance

We offer specialized engineering, project management, and construction management and supervision services for wireless telecommunication infrastructure, services for telecom fiber, coax or copper design as well as voice, data, video and transport equipment design for public and private networks. We also provide intelligent transportation systems (ITS) services that enhance our transportation offering.

Our clients include major telecom operators, cable and broadcast companies, public utilities, government organizations and airport authorities. Our solutions bring significant cost savings and improve performance while enhancing end-user experience.

Telecommunication Towers and Wireless Network Sites

We have been providing wireless site design services for mobile phone network operators since the launch of wireless spectrum. We offer solutions for distributed antenna systems, as well as for in-building, rooftop and tower sites for new wireless network deployments and network upgrades.

Our experience includes design, inspection and analysis of telecommunication towers for mobile, transport, broadcast and other networks. We have a particularly strong skillset in tower reinforcement design and detailing that allows us to deliver solutions that extend tower service life and reduce reconstruction costs and service delays. In colder climates, we have developed methods that extend the service life of towers and reduce ice build-up.

We also offer full civil infrastructure services for rooftop wireless site design and modifications.

Fibre Services

We offer engineering solutions for telephone networks and aerial and underground cable TV networks, including:

  • choice of routes and field surveys;
  • detailed engineering for the deployment of aerial and underground fibre optics cables;
  • pole line design;
  • negotiations on easements, right-of- ways and permits;
  • design of underground pipes;
  • preparation of call for tender;
  • environmental studies; and
  • work supervision.

We offer services for structured cable networks, including surveillance and intrusion systems, and control rooms. Our teams are experienced in carrying out planning and implementation for telephone and data switches, including voicemail systems, call centres and IP telephony.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) have become more sophisticated to include enhanced telephony signalling and lighting systems. We provide a full range of services that complement our transportation offering, including design of toll systems, video surveillance, lane traffic management and electronic messaging systems.