Metal Industry

We offer unique skills, broad global experience and in-depth specialist knowledge having worked on numerous projects in the light metals, and ferrous and non-ferrous metal industries. Our industrial approach focuses on production and process as key factors that define the basis for all equipment and technical installations.

The metal industry plays an important role in our economy, with an influence on diverse end-user applications in a number of sectors such as agriculture, engineering, chemical, automotive, infrastructure, and electronics. Our industry experts have the experience necessary to help you make the difficult decisions. We offer our clients innovative and comprehensive engineering solutions to minimize waste and costs while maximizing energy efficiency and performance.

For over 100 years, WSP has been providing its clients in the metal industry with multidisciplinary engineering and process expertise. We are involved in a large variety of projects involving ferrous, non-ferrous, and light metals. We base our process technology and production goals on our clients’ needs and objectives, as well as their equipment specifications, technical specific installations, and building facilities.

Innovative and Comprehensive Solutions

Whether you’re debating the merits of whether to repair or replace existing equipment, or else have a plant in need of expansion and improvements to materials handling system processes, we in understand the trends and developments that you need to make the best decision for your facility, with in-depth specialist knowledge and international experience.

Our team uses an industrial approach to focus on production goals and processes as the key factors for defining the basis of equipment and technical installations.

Detailed Process Expertise at all Project Stages

From helping clients recycle greater quantities of copper, silver, and gold from e-scrap at a European smelting plant to enabling the increase in production capacity of lithium iron phosphate in Canada, we provide detailed process expertise and engineering services throughout all project stages—from feasibility studies and capital budget estimates, mechanical and utilities, design and commissioning, to full site master planning and EPCM—irrespective of project goals, size, or location. 


Our team offers expertise in numerous areas including:

  • Raw Material Handling and Logistics;

  • Post Tap Hole Processes;

  • Process Ventilation and Gas Cleaning;

  • Casting Furnaces and Molten Metal Pumps;

  • Transformation and High Voltage Plants.


We offer a wide range of engineering services that encompass:

  • Process;

  • Mechanical and Utilities;

  • Civil/Structure;

  • Electrical and Automation;

  • Hazop Studies.

In addition, we provide an array of project services to tackle:

  • Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility Studies;

  • Authority Management;

  • Impact Assessment Studies;

  • Engineering;

  • Management, Including Site Management;

  • Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management Services (EPCM).