With several hundred successful projects under our belt, our expertise is in mining infrastructure, mine water booster pumps, large headframes and hoisting systems.

WSP’s specialized teams of mine infrastructure experts have been serving the mining industry for over 50 years, completing hundreds of mining infrastructure projects, including the largest headframes and hoisting systems in the world, and including material sizing and handling and all associated services. 

Our services include feasibility study, design, procurement and project and construction management for surface and underground infrastructure. Our mining infrastructure expertise includes, among others, hoists, shafts, headframes, sinking installations, ore sizing and handling, mine ventilation, air distribution systems, fuel distribution, backfill distribution, fire protection, dewatering and water treatment systems.

Proven Mining Infrastructure Project Experience

With specialized teams of mine infrastructure experts dedicated to mining projects, WSP provides a fully integrated multidisciplinary service and customized solutions to local and global clients alike.

We provided feasibility study, engineering, procurement, project and construction management services for hoist, shaft, material handling and sizing for Goldcorp Eleonore Mine in Northern Quebec, Canada, as well as a feasibility study for hoist and headframe for the Agnico Eagle Kittila Mine in Finland. We were also appointed as one of the EPCM managing contractors for the design and execution services on the Tanami Shaft Project in Australia, where the project scope included a materials handling and stockpiling facility at the surface, and all associated surface and underground services and infrastructure.

  • Hoists (ground mounted and tower mounted)

  • Headframes (slip-formed concrete and steel)

  • Shaft Design (fixed or rope guides)

  • Ore Sizing and Handling (surface and underground)

  • Mine Ventilation, Intake and Exhaust Fans 

  • Mine Air Heaters 

  • Heat Recovery Systems

  • Surface Ore Storage and Haulage 

  • Shops, Warehouses, Offices and Mine Dries

  • Sewage and Water Treatment Plants

  • Fire Protection

  • Substations and Power Distribution (surface and underground)

  • Communications and Automation

  • Mine Dewatering Systems

  • Fuel Distribution

  • Air Distribution

  • Backfill Distribution