Our Light Art Shines Bright at Vivid Sydney 2019

WSP are showcasing their latest art installation helping to shape this year’s ‘Vivid Sydney’, the annual Festival of Light, Music and Ideas. In partnership with Destination NSW, our people are adding colour to the event.

Rachel Smith, Lighting Designer and Fiona Venn, Associate Director, have created a stunning piece of artwork entitled ‘What is a City but the People’. It sits beneath tall, towering palm trees, almost a contrast of nature versus city, along the harbour walk in Circular Quay, not far from the Opera house. Viewers are free to enjoy the artwork up close, as well as see it from the distance on a ferry or cruise on the water.


“We have tried to inspire people to think about how we view, experience and feel within our cities,” explains Rachel.


“Cities have a way of making us feel small and can sometimes swallow us up. ‘What is a City but the People?’ lets the participant become fully immersed within the miniature city of lights, allowing us to connect with and enjoy the city, seeing it from its different perspectives.


The way natural and artificial light affect a city and its inhabitants isn’t always understood or acknowledged. Cities change with the path of the sun as it moves throughout the seasons. Shadow and light both play and interact with buildings. In turn, this affects people. This artwork explores this perception and the dynamic nature of light within cities.”


With 31 towers rising from the ground, all internally illuminated and changing colour with the path of the sun, the artwork mimics a cityscape and what one would see, that is, change in colour and mood, from warm to cool and twinkling from afar.


Our specialist lighting team collaborated with people in the Property & Buildings, Environment and Transport groups to build the artwork at the studio and install it.


Star Group, IGuzzini and MySmart also helped us tremendously with their sponsorships, which included their supplies and time”, says Fiona. “As lighting designers, we enjoy creating experiences with light, and sharing this with the community in which we work, live and play. “We are proud to provide work which has a positive impact on our community, encouraging art and culture.”


Vivid Sydney runs from 24 May to 15 June 2019.


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