Promoting a Safe Workplace

WSP’s Health and Safety program builds on our commitment to reducing risk and dedication to our guiding vision. We value our people by embedding safety every time, with everyone, in everything we do.

Significant incidents, and 10% reduction in high-potential incidents
0 0
Annual reduction in Total Recordable incident rate (TRIR)
- 10% - 10%
Annual increase in positive observations in our ISMS
+ 10% + 10%



Setting expectations and shaping behaviours to create and sustain a culture of safety.



Fostering a culture that embeds safety within the hearts and minds of everyone.


Risk Management

Implementing robust processes and tools to conduct high-quality risk assessments.

Our Significant Risks Framework is also centered on nine lifesaving actions to help concentrate our efforts in areas of high risks, such as working at heights and working around mobile plant. 


To learn more about our HSEQ program, please refer to our Global HSEQ Policy Statement