Agility is a critical factor in shaping the future of aviation. Airports will need to adapt to changing circumstances involving technological advancements and infrastructure needs.

Airports Around the World from WSP

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Locally Dedicated with International Scale

We have delivered more than 1,500 aviation projects worldwide, at more than 600 national and international airports in over 40 countries.

Future-focused and Driven by Sustainability

We are administrators of ACI’s Airport Carbon Accreditation program, which has certified to date more than 190 airports around the world.

World-class Aviation Solutions

We design, plan, advice and manage airport development projects around the world.

Planning Future-Proof Airports

Articles in this collection:

  • Agility Underpins Future-Proof Airports
  • Frictionless Travel to, from and within Airports
  • Airport Planning Embraces Future Travel
  • LAX Terminal 1.5: Improving the Airport Passenger Experience
  • Fuelling Airport Recovery Via Non-Aeronautical Revenue
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Implementing Clean Technologies

Articles in this collection:

  • Agility Underpins Future-Proof Airports
  • Advancing Sustainable Aviation Fuel 
  • Electrification of Airports from Landside to Airside
  • Greening Future Flight
  • Decarbonising Aviation From the Ground Up
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Embracing Advanced Air Mobility

Articles in this collection:

  • Agility Underpins Future-Proof Airports
  • Getting Ready for Advanced Air Mobility
  • Urban Air Mobility: A Wind Engineering Perspective
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Positioning Edmonton International Airport for the Future

Edmonton International Airport is taking a holistic approach to become a vanguard facility and a hub for business growth in the region.

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Preparing Aviation for a Better Future

Guidance from WSP’s global advisors and technical experts

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Five ways net-zero aviation could reshape life on the ground

The wider benefits of greener flying

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New Mobility Pilots Future Aviation

The Aviation Addendum report offers a look at the changing world of aviation in light of developments related to the automated, connected, electric and shared aspects of New Mobility.

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Partnering to Embrace Client Culture

Program Management for Denver International Airport’s Concourse Expansion

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Airports Become Solid Citizens

Airports are contributing in new ways to 21-st century commerce. Their long-term success requires multistakeholder collaboration—including airport operators and airlines, transportation agencies, urban planners and private businesses.

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From Silos to Integration

Digital Transformation at Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan

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thn-Up in the air

Up in the air: Resilience amidst uncertainty in the aviation sector

Can we build resilience in an uncertain landscape, and plan for a strong, safe recovery?