Aviation is one of the fastest-growing and most technologically advanced sectors in transport. This has far-reaching implications for airport owners and operators, and for communities around them.


The years leading up to 2020 were clearly strong ones for commercial aviation. Before 2020, increasing passenger demand propelled development plans. As a result of the pandemic, airports reconsidered how to move forward against a backdrop of challenging new realities. 

Some of the ongoing projects include asset management to support long-term growth, intermodal and environmental studies, plans to use sustainable aviation fuel, and optimization of processes and designs to support sustainability objectives. For more than a decade, WSP has been working with Airports Council International (ACI) to develop and administer the Airport Carbon Accreditation program, which provides a framework to help airports manage and reduce their carbon emissions. The number of accredited airports continues to grow, as being a sustainable airport has become a priority.

Application of technology to security, terminal navigation and baggage handling remains central to enabling a simplified passenger journey. Agility will be a critical factor in shaping innovative pathways that advance the passenger experience and support the evolving needs of airlines.

With so much uncertainty, building flexibility into long-term plans is key to accommodating and maximizing technological developments, such as electric-powered short-haul planes and electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) taxis.

In support of achieving ambitious goals, we offer a look at some of WSP’s work with airports around the world, all pursuing a better future.

Locally Dedicated with International Scale

We have delivered more than 1,500 aviation projects worldwide, at more than 600 national and international airports in over 40 countries.

Future-focused and Driven by Sustainability

We are administrators of ACI’s Airport Carbon Accreditation program, which has certified to date more than 190 airports around the world.

World-class Aviation Solutions

We design, plan, advice and manage airport development projects around the world.