COVID-19 Recovery: Stimulus Beyond Job Creation

Governments are responding to the pressing needs caused by COVID-19 and have funded extra economic stimulus projects.

According to Alana Newbrook, General Manager for Advisory at WSP, “There is a huge focus on investing in shovel-ready infrastructure projects as a critical role in the Commonwealth’s JobMaker plan to rebuild our economy, create more jobs and increase the nations long-term productivity.


“The key consideration is to ensure chosen projects generate the best possible community outcomes in terms of the numbers of jobs created, value for money and long-term legacy. And, the projects that are the fastest to deliver, will not always create the best stimulus.


“Focusing on quickly selecting and mobilising projects often limits the time needed to assess costs and benefits or develop a business case. An expedited approach that applies a prioritisation tool can help identify projects for fast delivery that also maximise value and benefits.


In response, we have released two tools to help clients develop justifiable, optimised work programs: WSP’s Prioritisation Tool and Customer Connectivity Tool can be used to inform investment decisions across a range of infrastructure portfolios.”


Click here to find out more and to download papers focused on Victoria, NSW and Queensland stimuli.


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