Our WSP Smart™ experts are making the integration of technology and physical assets more seamless than ever. Here’s how we help communities thrive in an ever-evolving Canada.

Using smart technologies — Internet of Things (IoT), sensors, data platforms, robotics and artificial intelligence — infrastructure owners in Canada will soon have the capability to improve operations using data previously unavailable.

With this robust information, our built environment will be infinitely better-equipped with systems that can automatically adjust according to our behaviour and proactively adjust operations in response.

WSP Smart™ help create evolvable places based on human-centred design, including multiple system inputs and connections between previously separate systems through a cloud of useful, informative data.

Using this informative data, we help create efficiencies, improve sustainability, digital communication and encourage economic development, enabling communities to thrive.

What is Smart?

We define our smart connected infrastructure solutions as a set of service offerings that use data and technology to create efficiencies, improve sustainability, digital connectivity and encourage economic development, enabling communities to thrive.

Not only does smart connected infrastructure help with savings and revenue generation, but there are other benefits including improved safety, quality of life, resiliency and community wellness.


Improve livelihood, safety, and quality of life for citizens


Improve business environments, attract investments, and make doing business easier


Improve resiliency, sustainability and increase footfall

Drive efficiency and maximize investments by extending the life of infrastructure assets

We use our groundbreaking Future Ready® research to shape how we think about engineering and advisory solutions, helping you plan for tomorrow’s problems today. Our WSP Smart™ can expand on a city’s existing strategy, looking toward the future through the lenses of society, technology, resources and climate to see the needs of our fellow citizens, local businesses and city service providers more clearly.



How Can Smart Help

The WSP Smart™ team have a unique approach to help guide and manifest our clients’ vision, making their existing infrastructure more intelligent, connected and adaptive.

We use a five-step iterative process to guide this transition, making sure that our intelligent infrastructure solutions meet your goals.

Our Experts

Lucy Casacia
Vice President, WSP Smart™
Mara Bullock
Transportation, WSP Smart™
Shawn Chow
Infrastructure, WSP Smart™
Alexandre Pepin-Ross
ERI, WSP Smart™
Michèle Laflamme
Environment, WSP Smart™
Ross Taylor
Buildings, WSP Smart™
Dr. Anna Robak
Research Manager, Innovation and Future Ready


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Much has been made towards the shift to smarter cities and intelligent infrastructure — but as we stand at the relative beginning of that shift, we have only scratched the surface of its possibilities.

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