At WSP, an emphasis on sustainability in our daily operations not only demonstrates our commitment to future-proofing our cities and environment, but also ensures that we continue to hold ourselves accountable for tomorrow. We are proud that many of our projects contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and showcase a global selection of these below and in our 2019 Sustainability Report.


Southern Program Alliance


So far, we have removed seven level crossings on the Frankston Line in Melbourne, helping to improve connectivity and safety for local communities.

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Louie, WSP’s Pollution Dog


This former explosive detection dog is now trained with one specific task in mind: finding the sources of chlorinated solvents that are wasted or improperly disposed of in natural and built environments.

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One Za’abeel

  United Arab Emirates

One Za’abeel is an engineering first and is set to be a Middle East icon. With its central location and its engineering a world first, this mixed-use sustainable development will be a modern hub for a variety of residents and visitors.

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Courtice Water Pollution Control Plant


An Integrated Resource Recovery (IRR) strategy was developed for the Courtice Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP), which marked the first step towards increasing the sustainability of this plant. 

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Reinforcement of the Grebbedijk


Flood control is an important issue in the Netherlands, as climate change leads to rising sea water levels and increasing discharge peaks of the Rhine River. 

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Additional sustainable projects featured in our 2019 Global Sustainability Report

Los Angeles’ Zero Emission Bus Fleet


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Kaituna River Rediversion and Maketū Estuary Enhancement

  New Zealand

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Old Oak Common Station

  United Kingdom

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