81 Bay Street, Toronto

Located in the heart of Toronto, the tower at 81 Bay Street is the first phase of a grand-scale, mixed-use development that is dedicated to enhancing the wellbeing of not just its own occupants, but people in the surrounding area.


  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada


  • Hines (on behalf of Ivanhoe Cambridge)

Project Status

  • 2014 - ongoing

A Grand-Scale Development that Connects People and Nature

It forms part of CIBC Square, formerly known as Bay Park Centre, will constitute two high-rise towers, including 81 Bay Street, and a sevenstorey podium with a Metrolinx GO Bus terminal integrated into its lower floor. The development’s many amenities dedicated to promoting a healthy, active lifestyle include secure cycle storage, showers and changing facilities.

And CIBC Square’s overriding distinguishing feature is the new public realm it will create for the people of Toronto in the form of a one-acre elevated Sky Park. This fresh, green space will link the centre’s two towers and offer pedestrian access to Union Station, a key transport hub. Importantly, it will contribute to improving the city’s air quality and be a place for people to connect with nature.

With commanding views of Lake Ontario and the city, 81 Bay Street will be a prominent addition to Toronto’s skyline, offering 1.5m sq. ft. of state-of-the-art office, collaborative and retail space over its 49 floors.

Creating conditions for future healthy workplace fitouts

CIBC Square’s Sky Park epitomises a design concept that is focused on people’s wellbeing and sustainability and it is one of the ways in which our client is determined to meet exceptionally high standards in these areas, including LEED Core & Shell Platinum certification and WELL Core & Shell compliance, in addition to the Toronto Green Standard - the city’s local environmental performance standard.

We were asked to join the project team for 81 Bay Street at an early stage to provide strategic guidance to interpret and implement these standards, setting the tone for the rest of the development. This was no easy challenge. When design work on the scheme started, the WELL Building Standard was still at pilot stage and our team needed to respond rapidly as the standard took shape.

Every aspect of the tower’s structure places wellbeing at the fore, from material selection to the provision of superior indoor air quality and abundant natural light. In addition, our goal has been to put in place the groundwork necessary to allow future tenants to fit-out their spaces with a focus on creating healthy workplaces, and ensure the building is future-ready, too. For example, the air filtration system has been designed with the capacity to accommodate carbon filters should they become required in the future

By working in close collaboration with the project team including the client, architect, landscape architect and building engineers, WSP’s interdisciplinary team is helping to ensure that 81 Bay Street will be a model healthy workplace that also contributes to society and the environment.