Personal Carbon Tracking System

WSP is the first company in the world to launch a personal carbon tracking program for its employees, allowing them to track and reduce their emissions easily at home.


  • England, UK


  • National Grid, Aviva Investors, and Ecclesiastical Insurance

Project Status

  • Active

The Personal Allowance Carbon Tracking system (PACT) was developed by WSP’s Environment and Energy teams and now has more than 2,000 members. 

WSP has also licensed the program to a number of clients, including National Grid, Aviva Investors and Ecclesiastical Insurance.

Staff sign up on a voluntary basis and receive a carbon ‘target’ for home energy use, travel, and their commute to work. They can track this each quarter, and also receive lots of practical ideas on living a more sustainable lifestyle outside work. 

This includes an affinity program, regular mails, a facebook community, and a smartphone app.

At the end of the year staff who have pledged to take practical action and those who beat their carbon target are given a financial reward.

PACT makes staff proud to work for their company, and helps link sustainable living at home to sustainability action at work.

2,000 2,000
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