More than ever asset-intensive organizations are recognizing the value of accurate and up to date information – including data on the type and status of assets as well as the activities planned and conducted on the assets. Information supports through life-cycle management action and decision-making. Understanding the data health is essential to have high confidence in asset and asset management decisions.

WSP have established best practices capabilities in the development of data standards and specifications. We have an established capability in the management of significantly large and complex data sets and enable our clients to extract meaningful information out of asset data to improve the safety and reliability of their operations. We have also developed unique approaches for capturing and visualizing data health and building programs for improving the quality of data.


Data Specifications

  • Asset definition
  • Data dictionaries
  • Asset and work breakdown structures (hierarchies)
  • Asset attribute specifications and domain value lists
  • Asset definition and data dictionary documents (AD4s)


Asset Data / Information Health

  • Data readiness
  • Data enhancement (Error detection, improvements, supplementation, synthesis)
  • Data health assessment and mapping


Extract, Transform, Load (ETL)

  • Transforming based on client needs (e.g., segments to linear)
  • Extract, transform, load between systems


Data Governance

  • Governance framework
  • Data management strategy and standards
  • Data management plan
  • Asset handover


Data Analytics

  • “Big Data” analytics (including machine learning)
  • Dashboards and reports
  • KPIs and operations monitoring


Data Systems at Work


WSP’s systematic approach to ETL has enabled us to provide significant cost savings in the rapid deployment and return-on-investment of Enterprise Asset Management systems. We have supported clients with the development of Digital Project Environments to enable data health (quality) improvement, while EAM systems are being developed/configured.


WSP’s practical delivery of 3D data solutions enables highway maintenance staff to reduce site visits, resulting in safety, cost and time benefits. Asset image recognition and data accessibility also allows for off-site measurements and integration with scheme design solutions.


WSP’s development of this innovative modelling tool allows local authorities to analyze whole network lighting options at a component classification level for all road geometries, including minimizing energy and carbon.


WSP’s development of the ‘Site Asset UKPMS’ tool enables interactive mobile asset inventories and inspections. The software allows for CVI, DVI and FNS survey capture, as well as programming of safety defects.