MTR Tuen Ma Line

The 56km-long Tuen Ma line – now the longest line of Hong Kong’s MTR network connecting the former West Rail Line and Ma On Shan Line with six new stations planned under the strategic Shatin-to-Central Link project – greatly enhances the city’s railway network coverage.


  • Hong Kong


  • MTR Corporation Ltd (Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation for West Rail)
Length of line
56.2km 56.2km
Number of stations
27 27
Full journey time
73 mins 73 mins

Pat Heung Maintenance Centre

img-Tuen-Ma-Line-Tuen-Mun Station

Tuen Mun Station under west rail


Tunnel ventilation system

img-Tuen-Ma-Line-Hin-Keng Station

Hin Keng Station