How Microsoft Plans to Bring Environmental Justice into Renewable Energy Procurement

WSP USA is helping the software giant strengthen its commitment to a sustainable future, co-authoring an evaluation framework to direct the benefits of renewable energy projects to vulnerable communities.

Microsoft’s carbon negative plan is part of a wider corporate strategy that includes removing, by 2050, all carbon the company has emitted since its founding in 1975.

Environmental justice is “the process and outcome by which all individuals are equitably protected from environmental risk, and equitably empowered to participate in the environmental decision-making processes."

By providing what they’ve learned, critical implementation acumen and tools that can be leveraged, Microsoft hopes to inspire other organizations to take similar actions.

Cities are learning from large technology companies that have huge energy loads, as well as internal teams who have developed an understanding of the renewable energy supply chain.

Sharing information provides widespread insight needed to apply an environmental justice lens to a renewable energy procurement strategy and apply best practices.