Rail and Transit

Rail and transit systems play a leading role in the future of modern transportation. They offer sustainable solutions that reduce carbon emissions, create greater mobility with increased energy efficiency and provide long-term economic benefits.

Locally Dedicated with International Scale

With over 130 years of experience, WSP contributed to the creation of the first subways in America, South Asia, Australia and Africa.

Future-focused and Driven by Sustainability

WSP works with policy makers, fleet operators, and various levels of government to support adoption of zero-emission vehicles and public transit bus fleets.

World-class Rail and Transit Solutions

WSP combines design and construction-phase services with advisory, land use planning, and program management to provide clients with a holistic approach.


Rail Decarbonization: An Ecosystem Perspective

If rail is already relatively clean, why is it important to address its carbon footprint?

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Rail Decarbonization: Strategic Pivot

How can rail lead the transportation sector onto a sustainable route?

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Delivering Intelligent Integrated Digital Rail Systems and Operations & Maintenance

Early project adoption of integrated data-driven digital design is key to bringing high returns for operations and maintenance.

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Transitioning to Zero Emission Technology

A guide to ensuring a smooth transition towards future-ready vehicles
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The Framework for Successful Transit-Oriented Development

When well-planned and effectively implemented, Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) can advance efforts to create livable, thriving and sustainable cities
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Applying a Systems Approach to Automation in Rail and Road Transport

Managing the risks emerging from complex, software-based autonomous systems in the transition to a world with self-driving vehicles
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Implementing Sustainable Design for City Rail Link

Digital engineering drives embodied-carbon reduction throughout the project
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Innovative Pathways Deliver Vital Infrastructure

Auckland’s City Rail Link project embraces alliance contracting, digital twins and sustainable development
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Delivering transformation change to decarbonise rail

The transformational change and bold decisions required to deliver a decarbonised rail network in New Zealand
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