Clark Avenue Multi-Modal Transportation Corridor Retrofit Project

As people of all ages and abilities take to walking and cycling like never before, our project in Vaughan, Ontario, has proven that even existing, traffic-clogged roadways can be transformed to prioritize pedestrians and cyclists over motorists, with minimal impacts to existing landscaping. At Clark Avenue, WSP and the City of Vaughan took the bold decision to narrow the pavement to create a safe and comfortable walking and cycling corridor for the community. The result was improved safety for all, substantial cost savings, and a solution that could be rapidly implemented. Buoyed by its success, the local authority has decided to use this model elsewhere in the City. 

img-Clark Avenue

Our work in Vaughan provides better transportation options, better walking and cycling facilities and better access to the bus transit system along a corridor that has a number of destinations, including community centers, schools and places of worship. It's a great example for how the city should be moving forward in a sustainable way
Shawn Smith Senior Project Manager, WSP in Canada