WSP is pleased to advise that it has now been able to access all key locations in Opal Tower.


Guy Templeton, President and Chief Executive Officer of WSP, Australia & New Zealand says, “We have found no other areas of damage to the extent of that in one part of level 10. There are fewer than 20 parts of the building with a similar configuration to the connection between pre-fabricated and in-situ poured concrete that was damaged on Level 10. Two of these areas, both on level four, show evidence of some but lesser damage.”


As a precautionary measure, propping is being installed to support level four and this will be completed by Icon Co by the end of today.


The building is structurally sound overall.


All involved parties are working cooperatively with the Government’s independent engineers, who are investigating causes of the damage. There will be further investigative testing in relevant parts of the building.


Units that are in the vicinity of required repairs, or are obstructed by propping, will not be able to be occupied until repairs are complete.


Subject to agreed safety processes to ensure that residents are separated from potentially harmful equipment, and any required approvals, we support a progressive reoccupation of the majority of units in Opal Tower.


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