Complete automotive engineering services covering the entire chain from R&D via manufacturing to the automotive aftermarket.

With an annual global production of more than 87 million motor vehicles, automotive is one of the world's most important economic sectors. The business is now characterized by the development and production of sustainable motor vehicles. This means safe vehicles that comply with the ever stricter emissions legislations in the Western world.

WSP has a long tradition in the automotive sector, going back to the early 1940s. We offer complete engineering services covering the entire chain from Research & Development (R&D) via manufacturing to the automotive aftermarket. In meeting client business goals, we developed a holistic approach that enables us to run projects from start to finish with an EPCM approach. 


Through our Testing Technology service, we provide complete services in the areas of mechatronics, emissions technology, climate technology, measurement technology, project management, and verification. Our COMTEST Automation SystemTM allows us to test the performance and durability of products, quality assurance of new features and certification testing for regulatory requirements.

We have extensive experience in providing environmental services to the automotive business and offer support in statutory and legislative processes, as well as all specialized services. In project management, WSP takes a lead role in managing multidisciplinary projects to deliver integrated engineering solutions from initial site acquisition through the planning process to the construction and delivery phase. In production, we also have experience in advanced automatized production with competences that include process control and machine engineering.

As an international and multidisciplinary firm, our strong project management skills as well as engineering and environmental expertise enable us to contribute to your projects, irrespective of their size or location.